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Reason Why PUBG Is Earning So Much Popularity

If you visit the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store in order to find out the top games then you will find PUBG on the apex. Players really love to spend their time on the PUBG because they get a chance to play with their squad members. Even many of people in this world made their career by streaming live by playing the PUBG game. If we talk about the tencent gaming buddy hack then it will give you the opportunity to play the PUBG Mobile in PC.

What should I do after landing on the map?

Your landing should be perfect in the PUBG game. Basically, if you have seen the pro players then they always prefer to land on the roofs of the buildings. Thus, they find various kinds of weapons in the building and they don’t need to run anywhere for finding the bag, which can equip the bullets. Here you can read some points that will help you to understand what to do after landing on the location –

  • Once you land on the roof then simply start running as possible as you can.
  • Your first 5 minutes may be complicated to survive because it is rare to find out the Bag, armor and assault rifles in one building.
  • When you find a weapon like a shotgun or even pistol then simply wait for the enemy because sometimes players only pay attention to the collection of weapons.
  • If somebody comes into your building then simply make some headshot. It will take 2 bullets of shotgun if you make headshot because enemies get to level 1 helmet in the beginning.

Well, all these points will help you to be a pro player. Therefore, you should concentrate on these points and try to change your playing style in the PUBG game.