Is Online Gaming Harmful For Kids?

In today’s generation online gaming is the trendiest, and it is vastly increasing. As per this when keeping our kids in mind it is also useful and harmful. But in most of the cases it is hazardous for their health and brain. As there are a lot of games and some are related to education and learning. But a lot of kids are giving more preference to alternative games such as killing, action, sporting car, etc. It is not preferable to stop kids from playing online games. Because by stopping them it will give the wrong impact on your relationship with kids. Even many kids do enjoy gambling games on 스포츠토토 and we need to keep an eye on them.

Demerits of online gaming are mentioned below

  • Vicious content – Kids will suffer from depression, mood swings, aggressive thoughts and change in behavior if they are spending a lot of time in playing online games.
  • Social segregation- Teens spends less time on reading, communicating with friends and family if they were continually playing online games.
  • Health issues- Online games will affect on vision, and by playing violent video games will increase in higher heart rate, headache problems, feeling of anxiety, makes you lazy and aggressive.
  • Undue advantage- There are a lot of people who are always ready to take unfair advantages and kids are easily fooled, cheated, abused and harassed online.
  • Virus- installing online games can also harm your system and welcomes viruses, and spam’s in your personal computer.

Even though parents can still protect their kids from online gaming by setting a limit and it should not be more than 1-2 hours a day. Also by review their activity and by tracking kid’s personal computer. Parents should choose a quality game for their kids and make kids safe and aware of age-restricted events and online gambling activities.